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From our Chairman Simon Weil

I have been a passionate supporter of the campaign to recreate Handel’s home in London since the idea first took shape 20 years ago. We have come a long way since then, and it is wonderful to be finally on the brink of completing this great mission. The next few years promise to be exciting ones and I hope you will be inspired to join us, by supporting the Hallelujah Project and helping us to “make Handel’s House happen”.

The Handel Hundred

We have set up a special new group for donors who generously decide to support the Hallelujah Project. To download a pdf of our Handel Hundred leaflet click here.

Individual benefactors who are kind enough to donate a one-off gift of £5000 or more, or an initial gift of £1000 or more with a pledge to repeat this annually for five years, are invited to join our highly-valued ‘Handel Hundred’ (existing Handel House Circle members will be automatically included in the Handel Hundred).

The Handel Hundred will also have privileged use of the newly created ‘Hundred Room’ on the second floor of 23 Brook Street between 11am and 5pm Monday to Saturday.

All Handel Hundred members will be acknowledged on a special donor board to be displayed at the house both during the campaign and after completion. They will also be acknowledged on our website and publications.

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Trusts, Foundations and Legacies

We welcome enquiries from Charitable Trusts and Foundations who are kindly interested in supporting the Hallelujah Project. Please contact the Director, Elizabeth Nicholson, if you would like to be sent more detailed information.

The Handel House Trust has been fortunate to benefit from some very generous legacies and can offer legators long term acknowledgement in a very special place where the pleasure that Handel’s music brought to them in their lifetimes can be commemorated and shared with future generations. Please contact the Director, Elizabeth Nicholson (enicholson@ if you would like more information about leaving a legacy to Handel House.

American Donors

Our existing major US donors will be automatically enrolled in the Handel Hundred, and we would be delighted if new supporters from America choose to join the project. To download a pdf of our USA Handel Hundred leaflet click here.

We have an associated American charity, the Handel House Foundation of America (HHFA), that enables our kind US supporters to donate in a tax efficient manner. Donations in dollars can be sent (by cheque, made out to the Handel House Foundation of America) to the President of the HHFA, Mary Deissler, c/o the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, 128 S Tryon St Suite 350, Charlotte, NC 28202.